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We’ve reinvented the cheesecake and by using the finest gourmet ingredients this has resulted in a super dessert; it might look small at first and easily underestimated but once eaten these cheesecakes deliver a wow factor and a deep satisfaction of fulfilment from a rich, fresh chilled cheesecake.

A perfect finish to a meal to impress family or friends, or the perfect addition to your afternoon coffee or social occasions, so why not serve Love Cheesecakes for an unforgettable dessert experience.?

Preferred by cheesecake connoisseurs across the country!

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We are a hand crafted Cheesecake company. We strive for perfection & aim for customer delight.

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Order by phone, face to face, email or via our website using our secure online shop.

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OVER 100 DIFFERENT cheesecake recipes. Freshly made every time with you in mind.